TSS Interview with Solicitor, Heather Grant

The subject for this latest interview is solicitor Heather Grant who is a relatively newly qualified solicitor but has been working in the law for some time. 

Heather spent time as a paralegal before securing a training contract and therefore has some good advice about taking this route.

1. Why did you decide you wanted to be a solicitor?

I wanted a career where I could use my brain, that didn’t mean I was a glorified admin assistant for years on end and that gave me a defined career path and a comfortable salary.

2. What academic route did you take to qualify as a solicitor? Would you do it differently if you had your time again?

Degree in politics and then the GDL and LPC.

3. How did you find it securing a training contract/articles?

Difficult. I applied for 3 years and then secured a paralegal role with my firm on the basis of my application for a training contract. From there, after about 4 months I was offered a training contract. I had to do 2 years as a paralegal though before starting my training contract.

4. What sort of firm did you do your training contract/articles with?

Mid-sized commercial firm.

5. What sort of law did you practise after qualifying as a solicitor?


6. What legal jobs have you had since qualifying?

I only qualified in March and am with the same firm that I trained with.

7. What’s the best thing and the worst thing about being a solicitor for you?

The best thing is achieving a result for a client and being thanked for your help. The worst thing is trying to balance competing priorities – every client wants their job done now!

8. Would you consider you are in a career for life or do you think you might want to try something different at some stage? If so, what?

I don’t know. I am not thinking about changing yet. I will just see how things progress.

9. What advice would you give to law students and trainee solicitors today? Is there anything else you would like to add?

Keep applying for placements – both paralegal and training contracts, something will come up eventually. Also, remember that a law firm is a business these days and whilst you will spend hours learning the theory once you get into practice you will need to be business savvy as much as on the money with your advice.

Matt Oliver

Matt is a former FTSE 100 in-house lawyer, an experienced legal career coach and MD of Trainee Solicitor Surgery. He provides entry level law careers advice to students and graduates through his writing and mentoring. He also offers private one to one coaching to those struggling with training contract, vacation scheme or paralegal applications and interviews. Find out more about Matt's 1-2-1 Coaching >>>>

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