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Here you will find articles containing expert advice from graduate recruiters, lawyers and trainees. Learn, from those on the inside, the secrets of securing a training contract & vacation scheme.

Successful TC Candidate Interview, Razan Samkari

I had the pleasure of interviewing Razan Samkari who secured a training contract at a magic circle firm after several years of applying. There is some real gold in here for you if you are struggling to get that elusive TC offer. 1. If you were unsuccessful in early applications, what was the main thing…

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Getting Ahead Of The Game: An Interview with Samantha Hope

Samantha Hope is the Graduate Recruitment Manager at leading national law firm, Shoosmiths. Matt Oliver caught up with Samantha and asked her some of the questions sent in by TSS readers. The Interview MATT: What would you recommend candidates do over the coming months to ensure their applications are as strong as they can be? SAMANTHA: The…

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Becoming The Modern Lawyer: An Interview with Simon Price

Simon Price has inspired over 2500 law students across the country via The Modern Lawyer workshop. It’s a unique peak performance and employability workshop about how students can think strategically about their career and maximise their potential. I caught up with Simon and asked him to share some of his wisdom. The Interview Matt: When…

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Guest Post: A Training Contract Applicant’s Perspective

Countless aspiring trainees seem to have a remarkable aptitude for conveying an often over-zealous longing to work in areas or at firms in which they have very little knowledge or interest. This approach can undoubtedly be attributed to the oversupply of graduates coupled with the economic woes which have coloured the legal scene of late,…

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TSS Interview with Trainee Solicitor, Hannah Tyson

The subject of this latest interview is Hannah Tyson, a first-year trainee at a general private practice. Hannah talks about her legal career so far and gives her advice for anyone who is looking to follow in her footsteps. 1. Why did you decide you wanted to become a solicitor? When did you make the…

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TSS Interview with Law Student, Alex Kerr

The subject of this latest interview is Alex Kerr, a second-year law student at Sussex University. Alex talks about his legal journey so far and gives some good tips for others seeking to do the same. 1. Why did you decide to study law? When did you make the decision? I decided to study law…

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Video: Interview with Commerical Property Solicitor

Next up in the TSS video series is a video of an interview with commercial property solicitor, Sangita Sangar, who gives a useful insight into working in commercial property. She also discusses her reasoning for moving to a smaller firm and the importance of finding your vocation.

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Video: Working for the Government Legal Service

Many people overlook the Government Legal Department (formerly the Government Legal Service) when they are deciding where to apply to for their training contracts.  The third in our video series has lawyers working in various UK Government departments talking about their highlights of working for the GLD. For more information about this as a possible…

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TSS Interview with a Local Government Solicitor

Name – Jo (requested surname to be withheld) Current Occupation (and Title, if relevant) – Solicitor 1. Why did you decide you wanted to be a solicitor? I undertook an undergraduate law degree with a view to enrolling with the police within their accelerated graduate scheme, over the three years I considered training to be…

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Learn How to Master the Watson Glaser Test

The Watson Glaser Test is a critical piece of the training contract puzzle.

Each year, more law firms use the Watson Glaser Test to filter our candidates from their recruitment processes.

It's simple, if you don't know how to pass it you won't get a job offer from them.

We teach you the nuts and bolts of this test and how best to practice it to get to the required pass level.