Trainee Solicitor Surgery has been helping candidates secure training contracts & vacation schemes for over a decade.


Our Aims

Our primary aim is to provide real-world careers advice from experts in the recruitment of trainee solicitors.

There is no shortage of advice online on how to get a training contract. We strive to cut through the noise and give you the most essential advice that will have the biggest impact on your chances of success.

Our History

TSS was started in 2009 by former Sky TV lawyer, Matt Oliver, to share the advice he had given to the students and graduates he mentored and coached over the years.

After a career change, Matt has become one of the UK's leading legal career coaches. He runs the Legal Careers Group and coaches lawyers (at all levels of experience) on their career development.

What You Will Find On TSS

You will find expert advice from a wide range of contributors, including law firm partners, solicitors, trainees, law career experts, graduate recruiters and paralegals.

TSS is run day-to-day by a talented team of people who continually strive to make it a key resource for aspiring solicitors in the UK.

How Else Can We Help You?

If you have anything you would like us to cover on the site that we do not already cover please Contact Us and we will do our best to tackle it for you.

Why Not Contribute Yourself?

We always welcome requests to contribute to TSS, whether you're an applicant, a law firm or anyone else who would like to talk to our audience.

If you are a candidate then remember that writing for a website like TSS is an excellent addition to your CV too.

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