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This week’s website review focuses on the law blog, Legal Cheek, which I would highly recommend you check out. It brings a different take on the legal profession compared to the law careers advice websites you may be used to.

Refreshing Style

What I like most about it is its refreshingly irreverent style of legal news and commentary.

Before I walk you through the site, here is what Legal Cheek editor, Alex Aldridge, had to say about the blog when I caught up with him recently:

“Legal Cheek is for lawyers and law students, packed with Twitter tittle tattle, industry gossip and occasional weightier reflections from Britain’s top law bloggers.”

Here is a sneak preview of what you will find on the Legal Cheek blog:

News & Commentary

As well as breaking plenty of original stories and giving great commentary on some of the legal profession’s less mainstream stories, the blog also curates and shares some of the best (and often funniest) legal news content from around the web.

The blog hosts an impressive list of writers and guest bloggers which include Alex Aldridge himself (Guardian and Times published journalist), David Allen Green (legal correspondent of the New Statesman and author of the popular Jack of Kent blog) and Mark Lewis (influential lawyer in the phone hacking scandal).


As well as having plenty of humorous pieces, Legal Cheek is also a place for some more serious journalism, particularly via its podcast series “Round My Kitchen Table”.

For example, recent podcasts have included interviews with the Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, and Law Society president, Lucy Scott-Moncrieff.

There are also podcasts aimed more specifically at law students and graduates that I highly recommend.

For example, there is a podcast with Anthony Lyons (@paralegaltony on Twitter) with discussion about how to succeed in the transition from paralegal to training contract, including whether having a 2:2 is a kiss of death or not. I would recommend all candidates listen to that one here: IS A 2:2 A KISS OF DEATH FOR WANNABE LAWYERS?.


There are plenty of videos shared and they are usually well worthy of a watch during a study/coffee break to lower the stress levels.

Here’s an example of one of the videos they unearthed earlier this year:

Receive Cheeky Up Dates

They make it easy to keep up with your weekly consumption of their latest posts by having an email newsletter you can sign up to and receive straight into your inbox every Thursday.

Or if you need your fix as its published, and you’re a social media fiend, you can follow them on Twitter @legalcheek or Facebook.

I would also recommend you follow Legal Cheek’s @kevinpoulter and @AlexAldridgeUK

Of course, you can just visit them at the Legal Cheek website too:

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