TSS Interview with Law Firm Partner, Adele Bishop

Name – Adele Bishop
Current Occupation (and Title, if relevant) – Solicitor/Partner

1. Why did you decide you wanted to be a solicitor?

I initially went to university to study French, German and Italian then after a year, decided that I wanted more of a challenge so switched to a law degree as I figured it was the challenge I was looking for. Strangely enough, if it wasn’t for getting pnumonia over my A Levels and not ending up at my first choice uni I would have studied french, italian and russian at St Andrews who don’t even do law. I decided to follow on to law school then as I wanted to stay in Leeds

2. What academic route did you take to qualify as a solicitor? Would you do it differently if you had your time again?

Law degree (LLB). LPC Training Contract

3. How did you find it securing a training contract/articles?

I was working at another firm and one of the firms I had a lot to do with on the other side had asked me a number of times about coming to work for them. I went to meet some of the partners and was offered a training contract.

4. What sort of firm did you do your training contract/articles with?

Medium size city firm with commercial emphasis.

5. What sort of law did you practice after qualifying as a solicitor?

Property, both commercial and residential and a lot of secured finance work.

6. What legal jobs have you had since qualifying?

Solicitor in a medium sized high street firm doing commercial property work. Solicitor at a bespoke commercial property firm specialising in niche development work. Solicitor running the residential team at a small largely property based city firm. Was shortly made partner and still here. Main focus is on investment and finance property work.

7. What’s the best thing and the worst thing about being a solicitor for you?

Best – the challenging nature of the work. Worst – the stress and watch your back culture.

8. Would you consider you are in a career for life or do you think you might want to try something different at some stage? If so, what?

I definitely want to try something else one day. I’d like to do some kind of teaching or lecturing.

9. What advice would you give to law students and trainee solicitors today? Is there anything else you would like to add?

Think very seriously before you go too far into training for this career and get as much experience as possible to make sure that it is the right career for you.

Matt Oliver

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