[VIDEO] Do You Understand How A Large Corporate Deal Is Done?

videoOur latest video offering below provides an account of what its like to work on a big deal at a large corporate firm like Allen & Overy.

It includes some useful insights into the role of trainees in a City firm and is valuable research for all budding commercial lawyers.

It gives you an idea of some of the commercial aspects that can affect a deal as well as those things that might crop up to put a deal at risk.

It also highlights many of the key competencies that trainees will need at most commercial firms, such as attention to detail and abillity to work well under pressure.

In particular, it stresses the importance of teamwork and shows how teams are put together and work together in practice.

The video is 12 mins 26 secs long so grab a cuppa and enjoy a window on to the work of a Magic Circle firm.

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