Reminder: Vacation Scheme Application Time

This is the time of year when many of you should be working on your applications for vacation schemes in the spring and summer.  Many firms have a deadline for applications of 31 January and the latest deadline for most others is either end of February or end of March.

Whilst there are more vacation scheme places on offer than there are training contracts, competition for them is still fierce as many candidates apply to do more than one.  It is therefore essential that you spend a good amount of time producing high quality applications to stand a chance of bagging one yourself.

The importance of getting some good work experience behind you cannot be overstated.  As Deborah Dalgleish, Head of Trainee Recruitment at Freshfields, told Times Online previously: “A vacation scheme doubles your chances of being taken on as a trainee.”

So now that the Christmas holidays are out of the way and you are back into the flow of study or work this is the time to be researching where you want to apply to for your legal work experience.  You then need to put some time aside to make some applications – and remember its much better to go for quality than quantity.

For some more information about vacation schemes take a look at the legal work experience section of this site.

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