Training Contract Vacancy 2011 Start, Minster Law, York


A new training contract vacancy for 2011 with Minster Law in York.

What we are looking for

We are an ambitious, growth-oriented law firm and look for people to join our team that reflect our values and work ethic and who will find their niche within our innovative, forward-thinking culture.

The duration of the Training Contract programme is two years. The salary structure during the programme is as follows:

Year one: £22,000

Year two: £23,000

Ideal candidates will have achieved their law degree to a 2:1 and will be able to demonstrate that they are creative thinkers and practical decision makers. We want to attract candidates with a wide spectrum of experience, preferably gained within a commercial business sector. We appreciate that experiences outside of the workplace contributes to a candidate’s individualism and well roundedness, therefore we want to know more about this side of you as well.

It goes without saying that we are looking for career-minded individuals who are likely to make a long-term contribution to the future growth and success of our business. By providing the appropriate training and development during the training contract programme, we are looking to create business leaders of the future who just happen to be lawyers.

The deadline for applications is Monday 18th April. To find out more on how to apply click here

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