Assessment Centre Tests – Practice Makes Perfect

Assessment Centre Clinic – Part 10

This post is part of the Trainee Solicitor Surgery Assessment Centre Clinic blog post series. Start at the beginning of the series here…

Find sample assessment centre questions and full length practice tests here: Practice Assessment Centre Exercises

In this post we outline how to practice Assessment Centre tests.

You can also learn how to practice Assessment Centre exercises here >>>

So you’ve gone through the hard slog of applications and you’ve made it through to the next stage. Awaiting you is the firm’s Assessment Centre and you’re wondering what to expect.

Assessment Centres (or Assessment Days) usually consist of a mixture of tests, exercises and face to face interviews.

Whilst there is lots written about how to prepare for interviews, there is less help available for those wanting to understand and practice the tests and exercises they might encounter.

This blog post is designed to provide that help for you.

Types of Tests

The most common law firm Assessment Centre aptitude tests are:

  • Situational Judgment Test
  • Critical/Logical Thinking Test (Watson Glaser)
  • Verbal Reasoning Test
  • Numerical Reasoning Test
  • Personality Test

Types of Exercises

The most common law firm Assessment Centre exercises are:

  • Group exercises
  • Case Study Exercises
  • Drafting exercises
  • Intray Exercises
  • Presentation Exercises


In advance of any upcoming Assessment Centre you should confirm with the firm what it will include so that you can prepare for, and practice, any tests and exercises you will have to undertake.

Given how extremely competitive it currently is to secure a training contract it is imperative that you have thought through, and practised, as many of these tests and exercises as possible.

It is certain that many of the people who you are competing with for those training contracts will have spent plenty of time practising these tests. You do not, therefore, want to commence the Assessment Centre at a disadvantage because you have not done the same.

Practice Makes Perfect

There follows our guide to practising these tests and exercises, together with some links to some free sample tests for you to try.


Situational Judgment Test

One of the best known providers of SJT’s is SHL and you can find free sample SJT questions at their website here: SHL Direct

To take a free 20 minute practice test, together with feedback and tips, check out this sample test: Sample SJT

Critical/Logical Thinking Test

Many law firms favour the Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Test so this is an important test to understand and to practice.

There is a free shortened version of this test on the Hogan Lovells website along the following lines:

You can access the Hogan Lovells practice test here: Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Test

You can also access some Watson Glaser Test sample questions and full length practice tests here: Watson Glaser Full Length Practice Tests

Verbal Reasoning Test

Again, most law firms will have some form of verbal reasoning test (which is actually a written test) as part of their Assessment Centre, or other part of their application process.

You can practice verbal reasoning tests and receive further guidance to help you prepare here: Practice Verbal Reasoning Tests

Numerical Reasoning Test

Whilst numerical reasoning tests are more common place for accountancy and other professions, some law firms do include them in their Assessment Centres.

You can practice numerical reasoning tests and receive full feedback to help you prepare here: Practice Numerical Reasoning Tests

Personality Test

Some firms still favour the personality test as a way of filtering out those who have the character traits the firm is looking for.

You can take a free psychometric personality test here: Sample Personality Test

Assessment Centre Exercises

You can learn how to practice popular law firm Assessment Centre exercises here >>>

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