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"I was invited for 3 interviews and ultimately was successful in securing a training contract with a top 15 law firm. Working with Matt was a great pleasure and an unbelievable learning experience. I learnt so much about writing, recruitment strategy and the legal sector in general. I also gained a massive confidence boost and secured a dream training contract programme."


"I was impressed by how quickly you were able to pinpoint where I was going wrong and then the focused approach to developing a different and improved way of looking at applications which I was able to apply to future applications. I am sure the coaching helped me secure a training contract (with a top 20 law firm) this time around after previously unsuccessful attempts."


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Learn How to Master the Watson Glaser Test

The Watson Glaser Test is a critical piece of the training contract puzzle.

Each year, more law firms use the Watson Glaser Test to filter our candidates from their recruitment processes.

It's simple, if you don't know how to pass it you won't get a job offer from them.

We teach you the nuts and bolts of this test and how best to practice it to get to the required pass level.