Training Contract Application Tips

back-to-basics-imageGiven the tough competition that exists for training contracts in the current climate we are continually amazed by candidates who tackle applications without seeking to learn the basics first.

Eliminate Mistakes

Over the years, we have seen candidate after candidate make the same mistakes in their training contract applications. In fact, many recruiters still cite silly mistakes such as mis-spellings as the main reason for rejecting candidates.

The presence of any mistake often means an otherwise strong candidate might not be considered as recruiters are looking for any reason to be able to whittle down the number of applicants. A lack of attention to detail on something as important as a training contract application is not looked upon favourably.

The good news is that most of these mistakes are easily avoided – see our List of 10 Common Mistakes in Training Contract Applications.

Know What Firms Are Looking For

Another thing which can lead to an unsuccessful batch of applications is when candidates do not understand law firms well enough to know what they want from their trainee solicitors.

If you are serious about showing a law firm that you have what it takes to be one of their trainees then you must find out what they are looking for and then mirror this in your application as best you can.

See our Inside Track About What Firms Are Looking for in Their Trainees.

Research Is Key

You will see the same advice everywhere – do your research. BUT we still come across way too many candidates who look at one or two law firm directories and law firm websites and think this is enough.

Use all the resources available to research not only individual firms but also the wider profession, different practice areas and how to succeed in the recruitment process.

This article is a great starting point: How To Research & Create Your Shortlist of Firms To Apply To

One To One Help With Your Search For A Training Contract

If you are struggling to succeed with your training contract applications, interviews or assessment centres in the current market one to one help is available.

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