I Am Seeking a Training Contract

Seeking A Training Contract

Key Careers Advice For Training Contract Applicants

The core areas you need to master if you want to secure a training contract are:

  • Understanding what an application needs to achieve – see the Training Contract Application Tips section for common application mistakes and what firms are looking for in their prospective trainee solicitors.
  • Training Contract CV’s – many firms will consider whether to interview a candidate or not based on their CV.  They must be designed to present the pertinent details in the best possible way.
  • Training Contract Application Forms – many law firms have developed their own application forms for candidates to complete.  These are often difficult and time consuming to complete and knowing how to draft these is one of the main keys to success.
  • Training Contract Interviews – so you manage to make a successful application but that’s only the start of it.  Now you have to successfully navigate the trainee solicitor interview process. Knowing how to prepare for interviews has never been more important than it is today.  There are also some common interview questions you MUST be able to answer10 Common Training Contract Interview Questions
  • Assessment Centre Advice – if you are facing an assessment centre as part of the interview process then you must know what to expect and practice some of the styles of tests and exercises you may be given. For everything you need to know to succeed at law firm assessment centres check out our Assessment Centre Career Clinic.
  • Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Test – see our advice on the very important Watson Glaser Test, which includes some recommendations of tests to practice to help you improve your results.

The Bad News

The market for training contracts is a highly competitive one. Each year there are considerably more people completing the Legal Practice Course than there are training contracts on offer.

Add to this the many people who did not manage to secure a training contract in previous years and you can see how difficult it can be for many to find a position.

The Good News

There are still many training contracts being offered by a wide range of law firms and other employers. Those that are unsuccessful are often those who do not put in the required effort to learn about the application process.

Knowing how to put a successful application together, or how to succeed at interviews or assessment centres, must be learnt. Some universities will help students better than others will but often there is further learning that is required.

Therefore, whilst we would never claim that the search for a training contract will be easy or guaranteed, there are numerous things that you can do to vastly improve your chances of securing a job.

This is why Trainee Solicitor Surgery exists – it is your ESSENTIAL guide to securing a training contract.

One To One Help With Your Search For A Training Contract

If you are struggling to succeed with your training contract applications, interviews or assessment centres in the current market one to one help is available.

Find Out More About One To One Help >>>>


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