“How To Succeed At Interviews & Assessment Centres” – A Free Trainee Solicitor Surgery Essential Law Career Guide

interview-assessment-centre-guide-coverWe are pleased to offer you a FREE COPY of our essential guide on How To Succeed At Interviews & Assessment Centres.

Written by our managing director and law career expert, Matt Oliver, it is packed with insider tips on how to succeed.

Its an essential 46 page guide designed to help you successfully prepare for interviews and assessment centres.

It gives you the key areas to work on which have been selected by Matt based on his years of experience of interview coaching students and graduates.

Too many candidates fail to fill their potential at interview because they have never been taught the basics – this guide seeks to level the playing field.

Key areas you will learn about in the guide include:

  • How to properly research the firm that is interviewing you
  • How to demonstrate you have what the firm is looking for
  • How to answer key questions such as “why law?” and “why this firm?”
  • How to handle difficult questions
  • The key things you need to know about body language
  • Which questions to ask at interview
  • …and much more




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