The Importance of Research in Successful Training Contract Applications & Interviews

Research Is KeyFounder of Trainee Solicitor Surgery, Matt Oliver, has provided personalised careers advice and mentoring to training contract applicants over recent years.

Research Is Key

One area of Matt’s advice that has had a profound impact on many candidates has been about the fundamental importance of research to successful applications and interviews.

You will no doubt have heard about the need to research before but we would urge you to listen to Matt’s advice:

One of the things that candidates for training contracts are most commonly advised to do is to research the firms they are applying to.

However, one of the most common things that lets candidates down with their applications is a lack of research. This does not mean candidates are ignoring the advice they are given, just that they are not doing enough research or using a wide enough range of research resources.

Many candidates will research the basic information about firms in large directories such as Legal 500 or on large web directories such as LawCareers.Net. However, this is rarely enough.”

Further Reading & Resources

We feel this is so important that we are giving you access to an article Matt has written about this subject for his career coaching clients – you must read this and you must fully understand the importance.

It also gives you a great list of essential resources to use when you are conducting your research.

Getting this right really could be the difference between success and failure with your applications and interviews.

Read the article here: The Importance of Research in Making Successful Training Contract Applications


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