How To Beat Procrastination Over Your Applications

I’m sure most of you will have experienced procrastination in some form or another – it’s an unfortunate fact of life for many of us.

However, there are things you can do to overcome it and to help you make progress with your training contract or vacation scheme applications.


Feeling A Bit Stuck

Procrastination is that feeling of being a bit stuck and unable to move forward with whatever you are doing.

Procrastination can come about for a few reasons but the main one is fear.

You may fear failure or you may fear what people think.

Much of this can be happening on a more subconscious level too so it’s not always easy to identify it obviously as fear.

Now without wanting to get too psychological and self-helpy on you, there are some ways to break through that fear and therefore the procrastination.

Examine & Let Go

The first step is to sit for a moment and examine what you are thinking. Analyse why you may think you are fearful of failure or what others think.

Weirdly you may even be afraid of success and this can lead to procrastination too.

Once you identify these thoughts just decide to let them go – recognise they are limiting thoughts and let go of them.

Avoid Feeling Sorry For Yourself

The next thing to do is to make sure you are not feeling sorry for yourself.

This may sound a bit harsh but often we can stop ourselves moving forwards because we are feeling sorry for ourselves.

Just choose to stop this now and move on more positively.

Chunk Big Tasks

A major reason for procrastination is because we feel the task at hand is too big.

Researching those firms, making all those applications and still trying to study and work at the same time all seems like too big a mountain to climb – but that’s simply not true.

At the start of your degree if you looked at all the work you needed to do over the next 3 or 4 years you would have felt overwhelmed for sure.

However, when your university breaks it down into smaller chunks spaced evenly across the weeks it suddenly becomes much more achievable.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed just remember this famous quote:

You can eat a whole elephant if you take it one bite at a time”.

The same goes for your training contract applications.

When you do this together with the other things above you should find there is less of a temptation to proscrastinate.

Image: Tysh

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