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How To Beat Procrastination Over Your Applications

I’m sure most of you will have experienced procrastination in some form or another – it’s an unfortunate fact of life for many of us. However, there are things you can do to overcome it and to help you make progress with your training contract or vacation scheme applications. Feeling A Bit Stuck Procrastination is that […]

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How to Research Law Firms More Effectively

One of the things that candidates for training contracts and vacation schemes are most commonly advised to do is to research the firms they are applying to. However, one of the most common things I see that lets candidates down with their applications is a lack of effective research. This does not mean candidates are […]

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What You Need To Understand About Law Practice Areas

In my last post I looked at How To Identify The Practice Areas You’re Most Interested In. It’s essential reading if you want to avoid being one of the large number of unsuccessful applicants. In this post I explain what you must learn about the practice areas when doing your research so you can identify those areas you’re most […]

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How Pro-Active Are You REALLY Being?

There are lots of incredibly inspiring and informative career related events that will undoubtedly help students and graduates wanting to succeed in their pursuit of a career in law. However, I am regularly surprised by how often they are under-utilised by candidates struggling to get that job offer. A Lack of Pro-activity There are some […]

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