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Demonstrating Commercial Awareness To Law Firms

When you start applying for training contracts (or vacation schemes) with commercial law firms, people will tell you that you have to show “commercial awareness”. What is commercial awareness and how do you show that you “have” it? What is Commercial Awareness? If you do an internet search on “commercial awareness”, you’ll find that different […]

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Is Commerciality Rocket Science?! - Part 2

Is Commerciality Rocket Science?! – Part 2

Read Part 1 of this article here… Question (3): What are you doing to show you are ‘commercial’? Some might tell you that commerciality or commercial awareness is something you acquire after practising or being in business for a significant period of time. Others (likely to be more uptight as human beings) will tell you […]

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Is Commerciality Rocket Science?!

Let’s set the scene: You’re about to go into a commercial law firm for an interview for either a training contract or a vacation scheme; You know or you’ve been told that you will need to display a sense of ‘commerciality’ when discussing your future career with those who might be able to give you […]

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