Book Recommendation – How To Get YOUR Solicitor’s Training Contract

How_To_Get_Book_V2_FinalI have been introduced to an excellent book written by James Howard who recently completed a training contract with one of the top UK city law firms. I got in touch with the author and he agreed to give us the lowdown on his book: “During my time as a trainee solicitor I took an active interest in the graduate recruitment process, attended law fairs and gave presentations on behalf of my firm to students. During these sessions I regularly fielded similar questions on what it took to become a lawyer at a top UK firm and what was required to get over the hurdles of recruitment. One trait that was common was a lack of confidence when the students were faced with an unknown recruitment process and some daunting stories of high competition for trainee places. I therefore decided to write a book to set out the process to level the playing field and to show people that they are capable of getting the training contract they want, all that is required is some targeted hard work and self-reliance. I strongly believe that the best jobs should not just be reserved for those with the right educational background, or the right contacts, but that everyone should have a shot at getting what they want. My book is designed to give applicants that shot.” Inside the book you will find:

  • An introduction to a career in Law – what is it that you are potentially getting involved with?
  • Are you made of the right stuff? How to conquer common insecurities.
  • What to research and how
  • How to get relevant work experience that counts
  • The application form and process
  • How to be incredible at interview and land the job

The book is available on Amazon’s Kindle and also as a PDF download from James’ website: Find Out More & Buy The Book >>>

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