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How To Beat Procrastination Over Your Applications

I’m sure most of you will have experienced procrastination in some form or another – it’s an unfortunate fact of life for many of us. However, there are things you can do to overcome it and to help you make progress with your training contract or vacation scheme applications. Feeling A Bit Stuck Procrastination is that […]

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How To Vastly Improve Your Research

In my last post I explained why research through personal interaction is so important. Assuming you’re with me on that, I now want to give you some practical advice on how you can get this personal interaction. The aim is to help you vastly improve your research, fast track your knowledge and improve your chances of success. […]

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Why Your Research Could Be Killing Your Applications

If your pre-application research consists solely of consuming published information (whether written, video or audio) you may find your applications are dead in the water before you start writing them. To breathe life into your applications and set yourself apart from the masses you need to be doing additional research through personal interaction. You should spend […]

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