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2We are pleased to offer you a FREE COPY of the latest Trainee Solicitor Surgery E-book “21 Secrets to Successful Applications” which has been endorsed by many of the UK’s top universities.

The e-book was written to fill in some of the blanks about trainee solicitor recruitment.  There is still surprisingly little information available about what goes on in the real world when it comes to the recruitment of trainee solicitors by law firms.

The book gives an insight into some of the more important things to bear in mind when making applications for training contracts.  It also aims to give you an idea about what is really going on within the recruitment processes of many law firms.

The e-book includes:

  • An insight into the recruiters – who are they?
  • Tips on endearing yourself and your applications to the recruiter.
  • Presentation tips for training contract applications.
  • Mistakes to avoid in your training contract applications.
  • Understanding how applications are reviewed and filtered.
  • Tips on researching firms and areas of law before you apply for training contracts.
  • Beating Procrastination
  • How to sell yourself in your applications
  • How to self-analyse your skills and attributes and how to include them in your applications








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